Your day begins good. - photoYour day begins good. - photoYour day begins good. - photo

The benefits for parents

With an au pair at home you will start your day in the right way. The au pair will be a supportive contributor to the morning routine relieving the morning rush. The children stay at home, no stress. 

The evening rush hours are relaxed as well. You have an extra pair of hands. Parents do not have to watch the clock, their children are at home already. Coming home is relaxed, the toys are cleaned up, the meal is almost ready (as requested) and maybe the children have already had their bath.

The result:
- quality time for parents and children
- quality time for the parents (au pair as babysitter for an evening out, like dinner)
- order, calm and regularity in the house

Last but not least, for mothers an au pair is the key to self-development/fulfilment (work, study or sports). It is so much easier to do this with an extra pair of hands at home. 

Hence the new trend, "Allow yourself an au pair". In the U.S. and England it is very common. In London there are at least 15.000 to 20.000 active au pairs. With 1500, the Netherlands has just begun.