You can have a flexible, trustworthy au pair for an average estimated cost of  975,00 per month. This amount consists of a combination of one-time and monthly expenses related to: allowance/pocket money, health insurance, house visit, temporary residence permit, law regulatory surcharge, agency expenses in the Philippines and agency costs and expenses in the Netherlands.

Estimated Expenses Presented as Monthly Averages

One time costs:

Selection and registration fee                  €   245,-
Intermediation costs                                € 1595,-
Program costs                                         € 2750,-
Visa service (*)                                        € 1285,-
Legalization au pair host-contract (**)     €     30,-

Alle the above fees are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel costs au pair.
(*)included permit IND
(**) If the au pair must travel from the Philippines.

Monthly costs:
Allowance / pocket money                     €   340,-
Au pair insurance                                   €     50,-

Note! Have you found yourself an au pair (prematch) please contact us for careful supervision and handling.

Total estimated costs per month € 975,00, including VAT

Subject to price changes.
With U-auPair you can be assured that your candidate au pair will not be charged in the Philippines.
For more information, please contact us.