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Welcome to U-auPair

After a  year of reflection U-auPair is back to business! Our latest programme and the politicial instability in the Philippines has forced us to change to recruit only from Asian countries outside the Philippines. Through years of experience we have learned that these Philippine candidates are a more succesfull proven match with our host families and our new “elderly” group.

Our unique sellingpoint is our personal recruitment strategy in these countries. The recruiter is the same person as the one that comes and visits your home for the interview. We are convinced that because of this unique method we are able to achieve the best possible match between host and auPair.

The completely renewed programme now also involves the mediation between elderly and Philippine auPairs (often nurses or teachers) besides our young host families.

Elderly people that are in the last fase of their lives would love to stay in their own safe environment (home) instead of having to face the challenge to be moved to a care home for elderly. The presence of a Philippine auPair in combination with the visiting home-help lengthens the possibility to stay in their own home.

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