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After your phone call or e-mail, we will make an appointment to visit you at your home for an extensive intake and house visit. After signing our mediation agreement, we will introduce you to a few selected au pair candidates. After your choice, the extensive visa procedure will be started, after which the flight ticket and arrival date will be arranged in consultation with you.  

Main preconditions:
- The host family consists of at least 2 people
- Income: min.  2500,- gross per month incl. holiday pay, contract of a least 12 months
- Housing: a private room with WiFi for the au pair
- Maximum 30 hours of light household duties and taking care of the children per week with a maximum of 8 hours per day. At least 2 days off per week 

IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service)

The au pair policy is included in the Ducth Aliens Act and its associated regulations. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is the admission organization of the Netherlands for this. 
For example; an au pair wants to come to the Netherlands for a cultural exchange and will stay at a host family for 1 year. The host family who wants the au pair to come to the Netherlands can only submit the application via an IND-recognized au pair agency (an IND referent).
U-auPair is an offical IND-recognized au pair agency and IND referent.